Plans - Perkins for Louisiana



I know the struggles Louisianans face because I was born of those struggles. I’m the grandson of a sharecropper and the youngest of three boys raised by a single mother in Shreveport, Louisiana. I also know the values that define Louisianans. We believe in faith, family, and hard-work, and those values have guided me throughout my life. 

Faith sustained me on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it compelled me to return to Shreveport to serve as Mayor. Now, after much prayer, I have decided to run for United States Senate because I cannot stand idly by while the people of Louisiana suffer Washington’s neglect. As Mayor, I worked to balance the city’s budget for the first time in nearly a decade, create jobs and lower crime. In the Senate, I will fight every day to improve the lives of all Louisianans.

We are running a people powered campaign that focuses on the issues that matter most to Louisianans. The road to recovery will be difficult, but Louisiana has a history of working together to overcome adversity. I know that we will meet the challenges ahead and build back even stronger, but it’s going to take leaders in Washington who will fight for working class families, not just the wealthy and well-connected. That’s what this campaign is all about. Our mission is simple: people before politics, putting Louisiana first.