NEW AD: Perkins for Louisiana Launches Latest Television Ad - Perkins for Louisiana

NEW AD: Perkins for Louisiana Launches Latest Television Ad

Shreveport, L.A. – Today, Perkins for Louisiana announced its latest TV ad of the campaign, entitled “Unprecedented.”

The ad, backed by a six-figure buy, will run across Louisiana and highlights Mayor Adrian Perkins’ commitment to fighting special interests and putting Louisiana first. The ad also contrasts with Senator Cassidy’s record of catering to special interests and his mission to strip healthcare away from Louisianans. 

“In these unprecedented times, politics as usual will not cut it.

The political games in DC are literally making us sick. 

Bill Cassidy has let Louisiana down.
He led the fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act letting insurance companies refuse to cover Louisianans with preexisting conditions. 

After three combat tours, I’m not afraid to stand up for Louisiana in DC. 

My only mission: To get things done for you.
I’m Adrian Perkins and I approve this message.”

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