Veterans - Perkins for Louisiana



As a veteran of two wars, I know all too well the sacrifice our service members and military families make on our behalf. We are forever grateful to our veterans, and that gratitude must be reflected in our commitment to them. Washington has defaulted on this promise for too long. We need more leaders in the Senate who have served in uniform and understand the needs of our veterans. 

There are three military installations in Louisiana and more than 280,000 veterans living in our state. Sadly, 17 veterans commit suicide in America everyday, and roughly 12% of Louisiana’s homeless population served in the armed forces. 

I am firmly committed to protecting the VA against privatization, and will work to ensure that our veterans get the care they deserve by streamlining the VA bureaucracy and expanding the services available to them. In the Senate, I will fight for better mental-health care for veterans, and for jobs programs that help them transition back into the workforce.

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