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My life story is a testament to the transformative power of education, family, and faith. I am a product of the Louisiana education system and a proud graduate of Captain Shreve High School – where I was Class President and All-State in track. We must expand educational opportunities in Louisiana so that all students can reach their God-given potential. 

I believe education should be a national priority. The federal government should provide increased funding for state and local education systems to invest in universal pre-k education, increase pay for educators, and expand job training and vocational programs. 

Educational outcomes shouldn’t be determined by the zip code in which a child is born. We live in a modern economy, where Americans are forced to compete for jobs with people around the world. What happens in Louisiana schools, impacts the rest of the country. 

The crisis of 2020 is showing us how important schools are for the entire community. Along with family leave and childcare policies, the federal government can support state and local schools with subsidies for STEAM-focused early and late care programs that enrich the educational experience of students and support working families that can’t afford childcare. We should also expand life-skills programs like financial literacy and business development.

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