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COVID-19 and Our Failure of Leadership

Our nation is fighting a two-front war: a global pandemic that has claimed over 170,000 American lives and an economic crisis that has left millions unemployed. No one is to blame for the virus, but DC politicians must be held accountable for the ensuing disaster. They politicized the pandemic and abandoned Louisianans in their hour of need. Washington’s political games cost us lives and failed to provide much-needed aid to families struggling to put food on the table or pay their bills. 

As Mayor, I sounded the alarm on COVID-19 prior to the first case being recorded in Shreveport. We immediately began to geolocate cases in a city dashboard, which enabled us to shift resources, target messaging, and save lives.  Mayors are on the frontlines. We see the pain and heartache this pandemic is causing in our communities and we see the disastrous consequences of Senator Cassidy’s neglect. That’s why I am running for U.S. Senate. I cannot stand idly while the people of Louisiana suffer DC’s sick politics. We will beat this virus, but only if we work together. We need leaders who put Louisianan’s health and safety above their political agenda, and that starts with electing representatives who lead by example. 

Hardworking families have waited months for the U.S. Senate to pass an economic relief package. Members of Congress need to treat this situation like it’s their own family that doesn’t know how they’re going to put food on the table. In March, Senator Cassidy voted to strip $600 weekly unemployment boost payments from the CARES Act and has since advocated for slashing the payments. Today, hundreds of thousands of Louisianans have seen their payments cut in half and tens of thousands have been left with nothing as they wonder how they will survive.  We need leaders who understand that lives and livelihoods are at stake.

In the Senate, I will work to ensure that all Louisianans are afforded the relief that they need. I will also listen to the medical experts and take action to prevent and fight COVID-19.

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