What Louisiana Voters Need to Know About Bill Cassidy - Perkins for Louisiana

What Louisiana Voters Need to Know About Bill Cassidy

Voters in Louisiana need to know that after twelve years in Washington, Bill Cassidy has lost touch with Louisiana. Cassidy is serving the DC special interests that fund his campaigns and pay for his meals, trips, and perks – not the people of Louisiana.

In this time of crisis, Cassidy is failing us. He voted against frontline workers and funding for masks and ventilators. And worse, after taking a whopping two million dollars from insurance and pharmaceutical special interests, he wrote the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act – which would have made the crisis we’re in now even worse.

His bill would have stripped health care away from 500,000 Louisianans and put coverage for one million Louisianans with pre-existing conditions at risk of losing their medical coverage. At the same time, he has repeatedly voted to give tax cuts to insurance and drug companies while voting to cut unemployment and health benefits for working Louisianans.

Bill Cassidy tried to strip Louisianans of their Healthcare, and if he is re-elected, he will try again. Cassidy is a doctor, he should know better.